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Application of 3D Scanning in Research and Development of Automotive Peripheral Products

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Application of 3D Scanning in Research and Development of Automotive Peripheral Products

With the rapid development of China's economy, the development of the automobile industry is also rapid.In recent years, the domestic automobile ownership is rising, and many auto enterprises of their own brands have gradually formed a strong international competitiveness.

Car users are increasing, each user wants to give their car with a good set of automotive supplies, so for the car tailored to a suitable set of automotive supplies is also essential, car clothes, MATS, seats, modified accessories and so on.So in line with the appearance of the car, the size of these have become the direction of choice of users, relative to these problems, is the top priority of automotive supplies suppliers to consider the problem.

In the research and development, design and manufacture of automobile related peripheral products, 3D measurement technology is widely used, which helps to reduce development and production costs, improve product quality and effectively save time.The self-developed hand-held 3D scanner plays an important role in the automotive field.Combined with rich experience in the automotive industry, CTOP600H can provide high quality 3D engineering services for the automotive industry and propose perfect solutions.

The needs of customers

This paper focuses on the application of hand-held 3D laser scanner in the reverse scanning of automobile and clothing.

-Fast scanning of the car body, reverse design according to the scanning data;

-As little preparatory work as possible, as far as possible not to carry out surface treatment of the car body, do not pollute the body;

-The data should be as smooth and complete as possible, and the vehicle scanning data should not be stratified;

-With high scanning accuracy, it is convenient to customize the car clothing products in the later stage.

The disadvantages of the original measurement scheme include large workload, poor accuracy of product size and long product development cycle.

The solution

Using a handheld 3D laser scanner to scan, obtain a complete 3D data of the mold, and directly compare it with the design model to make a 3D comparison, which perfectly solves the above difficulties and can quickly obtain the relevant body accuracy data drawings.CL-CTOP600H Handing Scanner, Multi-functional Measurement 3D Scanner: As the flagship product of industrial 3D scanning system, CTOP600H has a wide scanning range, high efficiency, less paste number of marking points, and the highest stitching accuracy can reach 0.005mm. It can complete various reverse engineering and 3D detection applications in a good and fast way.


Compared with traditional surveying and mapping methods, 3D scanning can obtain the most accurate and comprehensive prototype data, which provides a more convenient and efficient technology for reverse engineering, reduces the processing difficulty of designers to the greatest extent and speeds up the time to market of products.In many automotive supplies suppliers and design companies, the use of 3D scanners to assist vehicle development is also increasing.

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