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Jewelry Casting resin 
Jewelry castable resin can be used in lost wax casting, burning clear, ash free and no residue, low contraction percentage,
 shape dimension fixed, high fineness smooth surface spare parts.
        Jewelry casting resin
         Jewelry castable resin uses special formulas to ensure perfect casting                             results,featuring low thermal expansion coefficient and optimized
         burnout performance.
         Jewelry casting features:
         ·  Good helper of jewelry production
         ·  Digital jewelry mold
         ·  Perfect casting
         ·  Burning clear,ash free and no residue
         ·  Fast curing
         ·  High precision,low shrinkage
         The material parameters
       Viscosity                                200~350mPa·s(@25℃)
        Density                                  1.05~1.1g/cm³
         Flash point                                  90~130℃ 
         Ignition temperature                  350℃

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