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The brief introduction about Ifun

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The brief introduction about Ifun

Our History

2020--The leading company of providing 3D resin in China.
2019--To provide high quality 3D printing equipment for our customers.
2018--We have developed a variety of resins for different printing scenarios, and customers love them.
2017--We are the leading manufacturer of Resin China, and other existing 3D resin products.

2016--IFUN was first engaged in resin business since 2016.

Our Mission

We were first engaged in resin business since 2016,Our main products are divided into rigid resin,high toughness resin,ABS resin,transparent resin,jewelry castable resin,dental series resin,ceramic resin,etc.

We are a source manufacturer,decreasing the intermediate trade links and producing cost-effective products.At the same time,Ifun gathered a gruop of excellent science experts of polymer materials,possessing powerful R&D capability to customize various products according to your specific needs.


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