• Q Why do I need to use ethanol rather than IPA for washing?

    A  Ethanol is better because it is not corrosive compared to IPA which could affect the print during washing.
  • Q Why do I need to shake my resin before printing?

    A  Shaking helps to mix different kinds of elements in the resin which make it more reactive especially when it is not used for a long time.
  • Q Can I leave resin in my tray overnight?

    A You can keep your resin in the tray overnight but we would recommend keeping it inside of the bottle. If you will not use the resin, then it’s safer to put it in the bottle.
  • Q In Which conditions should I stock my resin ?

    A You should keep your resin stock at room temperature conditions of 25C degree. Keep it away from the sun or light or close to AC.
  • Q Can I get silicone mold/rubber mold from a castable resin ?

    A Yes it might be possible, but you need to post cure the print to make it harder. Also take note that not all models are suitable to make silicone molds.
  • Q How to polish the layer marks and get a smooth surface ?

    A You can easily polish the printed resins with very fine dremel, fine sandpaper and fine polishing equipment.
  • Q What happens to resins during curing?

    A Resin solidifies when struck by UV light or laser depending on the amount of light power, in common terms it is “curing”. It can cure for about a second.
  • Q Why resins have different varieties for DLP and SLA printers?

    A As these technologies have different light sources , different types of resins are needed.These different types must be used due to the capabilities of curing the LED and laser light.
  • Q Which resin is the best for LCD printers? Why?

    A Light absorption properties vary due to the content of resins. LCD devices absorb more light, it is best to use the resins recommended below.
    Jewelry castable resin,dental resin. 
  • Q When should I filter my resin?

    A You should filter your resin after especially broken prints. If some of your models are broken or not attached to the platform (fallen parts), then there might be some unwanted parts inside of the resin tray. You should filter the resin. And if you are not using the resin overnight, then it’s safer to filter and put it back in the bottle. If the resin stayed outside for a long time or it stayed under the light, you should also filter the resin.
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